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Reference is listed in alphabetical order.  Original copies are kept at Araya Piano Studio.  
Thank you for those who gave me a permit to post the recommendation here.

From Mr. Joseph Banowetz

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to furnish Mr. Yuko Araya with a general letter of recommendation.  I have been
acquainted with Mr. Araya during the entire course of his graduate study at the University of
North Texas, having acted as his Major Professor in piano performance during his masters and
doctoral studies.

Mr. Araya is a remarkable artist-performer.  He possesses the highest level of keyboard
virtuosity, and is able to combine this with sensitivity and intellectual control.  His performances
desplay a wide range of stylistic command.

Mr. Araya is a highly experienced teacher, who has been extremely successful with students of
all ages and levels.  He is able to impart his ideas in a clear, intelligible manner.  As a person,
Mr. Araya is warm and personable, with a strong dedication and enthusiasm for his work.

I feel I can recommend Mr. Araya without reservation as an artist-performer, musician teacher,
and person.


Joseph Banowetz

Professor of Piano Performance

University of North Texas  

From Dr. George Fukui


I recommend Mr. Yuko Araya as a piano teacher.  He has many years of experience in playing
the piano and has earned academic degrees from the Kunitachi Performing Arts College in
Tokyo, Japan in 1982 and a Master's Degree in Piano Performance from the University of North
Texas in 1987.  Mr. Araya was invited to study at the St. Petersburg Conservatory in St.
Petersburg, Russia in 1994.

I have known Mr. Araya for over 10 years and am one of his adult students.  So I can attest to
his ability as a piano teacher.  I consider myself very fortunate to have had Mr. Araya as my
piano teacher.  Over the course of ten years my wife and I have accepted him as one of our
close friends and can vouch for his integrity and upright character.



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