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Real Time Live Image of Lessons for free for Parents


Araya Piano Studio provides Real Time Live Image
of your children's lesson to your Computer using
Web camera and Skype, so that parents can monitor
children's lessons.  This service is only for parents
or the family of the student.  There is no charge for
this service.

What is needed:

1)  Computer
2)  Broadband Internet Connection
3)  Skype ID

How to do it?:

1)  Get a Skype ID if you do not have one.  You can
get it for free.

2)  Give a Skype Call (free) to Araya Piano Studio at
the beginning of the scheduled lesson.
My Skype ID is:  arayu88

3)  I make sure that the caller is the parents.  Then I
will start giving the live image.

4)  All the scene and sound of the lessons will be on
your computer.  

Please feel free to use this service.

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