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Studio Policy

I.  Lesson Fee

Fees are paid monthly in advance on the bases of the number of lessons anticipated in the month.  

The monthly statement is e-mailed to students at the beginning of the month.  The statement may
include addition of purchased text books, necessary fees such as competition entry fee, and credited
amount in order to balance each month.

Piano Lesson Rates

The following fees are for each lesson, not monthly fee.  Tax included.

Lessons in Teacher's Studio

45 min.               4,400 yen

1 hour               5,500 yen

1 hr. 15 min.      6,600 yen

1 hr. 30 min.      7,700 yen

1 hr. 45 min.      8,800 yen

2 hours              9,900 yen

2 hr. 15 min.    11,000 yen

2 hr. 30 min.    12,100 yen

2 hr. 45 min.    13,200 yen

3 hours            14,300 yen


Travel Fee (Transport Expenses Included)


Travel Time     Fee

(One Way)        (Two Ways Total)


1~6 min.            1,000 yen

7~12 min.          2,000 yen

13~18 min.        3,000 yen

19~24 min.        4,000 yen

25~30 min.       5,000 yen

31~36 min.        6,000 yen

37~42 min.        7,000 yen

43~48 min.        8,000 yen

49~54 min.        9,000 yen

55~60 min.     10,000 yen


Monthly fee equals to the lesson fee multiplied by the number of the lessons anticipated in the month.  
For example, if there are four 45 minute lessons in teacher's home, total monthly fee would be:  4,400
yen x 4 = 17,600 yen.

Fee of each lesson is charged by time duration.  It does not matter how many students in a single
house hold.  For example if there are one 45 minute student and another for one hour, the lesson
duration would be:  45 minutes + one hour = 1 hour 45 minutes.

Before starting lessons, teacher, student and/or parents discuss how many minutes are necessary for
the lesson.

The longest piano lesson per person is one hour per week.

The Lesson Rates above do not include textbooks.

The Lesson Rates are updated once a year.  

Monthly Statement shows how many lessons planned in the month:  usually 3 or 4 times, sometimes 5

Travel Time is figured strictly by Google Route Search.  Among different routes, the shortest possible
way is taken.

II.  Lesson Option

1.  Once A Week, Time Fixed (Standard):  1 hour or 45 minutes per person at a time.

2.  Once Every Other Week, Time Fixed (Adults Only):  At least one hour per person at a time is
required.  There are choices of "the 1st and the 3rd week," or "the 2nd and the 4th week."  If only one
lesson is done a month for any reason, the option will change to number 3 below.

3.  Once A Month, Time Not Fixed (Adults Only):  At least one hour per person at a time is required.  
This way is almost impossible for students to prepare for Student Concerts.

4.  Twice A Week, Time Fixed (Very Young Students):  A normal 45 minute lesson is divided into two
per week.  This way is very effective for very young students.

5.  One Lesson, Time Not Fixed:  This option is good for final preparation of competition or recital.  At
least one hour per person at a time is required.  Student registration is not necessary.

III.  Payment

Payment due is the 10th day of the month.  Late Fee may be charged.

I accept:

1)  Cash in Japanese yen
2)  Transferring fund to Japan Net Bank or Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
3)  Credit Card
4)  PayPal

Please see the following page for details:

IV.  Missed Lessons

Missed lessons will be made up at the teacher's discretion depending on the student's need and the
time available.  Lessons missed by the teacher will be made up or the paid fee will be carried over to
the following month.

Differences between number of lessons and amount paid is adjusted on the last day of the month and
is shown on the next month's statement.

V.  Canceled Lessons

If you would like to cancel a lesson, please notify 48 hours prior to the scheduled lesson.   Otherwise,
the paid fee for the missed lesson will NOT be credited to the next month.  An emergency situation,
dangerous weather, disaster situation, and illness are the exception.

Lesson time is fixed.  Lessons are scheduled at the same time every week unless a cancellation notice
is given to teacher.

The best way to notify cancellation to teacher is by e-mail.

If there are a great number of cancellations made by a student, piano lessons may be terminated.

If there are no lessons for over a month, for any reason, the reserved lesson slot may be lost.

If one person canceled when two persons take lessons, a full amount of the one person is charged, not
one half of the two lessons.  48 hour notice is required in this case too.

VI.  Instrument

Piano students must have a piano at home to practice.  For details about instrument, please see
Frequently Asked Questions.  

Steinway model B (7 foot grand piano) is used for lessons at teacher's home.

VII.  Practice

All students are expected to practice 6 days a week.  Music study will be most successful and rewarding
with consistent and diligent practice.

For details about practicing, please see Frequently Asked Questions.

VIII.  Teacher's Arrival at Your Home

Teacher will make every effort to be at piano lesson on time.

Teacher will give you a call if the lesson might be delayed over 20 minutes in case of inclement weather
or bad traffic situation.  The call is to make sure that the student can have the lesson on the
designated date or to be rescheduled.

In case no one is at student's home when teacher arrives, teacher will NOT wait more than 15 minutes
out side.  If a student have to leave home when a lesson is expected there and if you had no chance to
contact teacher, please leave a note on the door for teacher.  In both cases above, the paid lesson fee
will NOT be credited.  

IX.   At Piano Lesson in Your Home

Please prepare a chair for teacher.

Please do not serve any drink or snack.  Teacher reserves no time to drink or eat before, during or
after lessons.

Teacher leaves student's home immediately after lesson.

In case a piano lesson exceeds the agreed time frame by teaching purpose, the extended time will not
be charged.  

X.  Parents' Observation of Piano Lessons

Please do not observe piano lessons because it is distraction.  Children handle lessons better when
parents are away.  However lessons are basically open.  If you would like to see how lessons go,
please keep some distance.  

XI.  Responsibility of Teacher, Student and Parents

Teacher will take responsibility for piano lessons.  However this does not mean that successful
instruction is guaranteed.  Piano lessons never be successful without three persons' effort together;  
Students, Parents and Teacher if a student is under 18.  Students need to practice themselves under
the careful direction by teacher.  Parents may need to supervise children's practice or to help make an
conducive environment for the practice.  Teacher cannot supervise student's practice everyday.

For details, please see Letter, Dear Parents.  

XII.  Corresponding to Students

E-mail is used to communication between teacher and a student.  E-mail is strictly used for educational
and student managing purpose.  Araya Piano Studio will not send e-mail to students for personal
reasons.  Also it is not used for soliciting or business promotional reasons other than Araya Piano

XIII.  Privacy Policy

Araya Piano Studio collects personal identifying information regarding students including name, street
address, e-mail address, telephone number and current lesson condition.  Araya Piano Studio will never
ask any other personal information than above.

Personal information will be kept in strict confidence.  It will never be disclosed unless court order.


Araya Piano Studio

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