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Piano Lessons on the Internet


No matter which country you are in, you can take piano lessons!

System Requirement:

1)  Computer
2)  Skype account
3)  Web camera to show arms, hands,
and pedals
4)  Microphone on computer
5)  Speakers on computer
6)  Piano

That's all you need!

For under 12 years old:

1)  Only Intermediate level and
advanced level are accepted for
Internet lessons.
2)  Sheet music has to have measure

For 12 years old and older:

1)  All levels are accepted.
2)  Sheet music has to have measure

Other Important Notice:

Online lessons are limited to
performance only.  Other things such
as music theory, sight reading, studio
recordings are impossible.

Fee is the same as other lessons.  
Please see Studio Policy.

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