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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Who can be accepted as a piano student?

A.  Araya Piano Studio accepts anyone who is willing to learn piano as young as age 6,
beginner to advanced and young to aged.

Q.  What kind of music can I learn from Araya Piano Studio?

A.  Araya Piano Studio offers mainly Classical Music.  However after learning reading music
notes, one can go into pop songs too.  Araya Piano Studio is capable to teach any music as far
as notes are written.

Q.  What kind of piano method is used in Araya Piano Studio?

A.  Araya Piano Studio practices traditional American methods such as Bastien, Alfred's or
Faber for beginners.  These methods work well on improving not only for playing but also for
reading notes, music theory for deeper understanding which help students play piano better.

Q.  How long does a piano lesson take?  How many lessons do I take per week?

A.  One hour lesson per person per week is standard and recommended.  Very young
students can take 45 minute lessons.  The longest lesson is one hour.

Q.  How long should I practice piano a day?

A.        Early Beginner's level:       20 minutes

Late Beginner's level:        30 minutes
Early Intermediate level:      1 hour
Mid Intermediate level:         2 hours
Late Intermediate level:       3 hours
Advanced level:                  at least 4 hours

Q.  I am a 65 year old retired man.  Can I take lessons?


A.  Araya Piano Studio is glad to take adult students.  There are good text books for adult
beginners.  They work very well for students with no musical background.  Araya Piano Studio
offers an appropriate teaching program according to student's background and interests.


Q.  Do I have to buy a piano?  Can I use my electric keyboard to take lessons?


A.  A small electric keyboard without pedals will work only for the first 6 months of lessons (10
weeks for adult beginners).  Damper pedal (right pedal) is used in early stage of lessons.


Have at least a vertical acoustic piano or an electric keyboard with pedals.

Intermediate level requires at least an acoustic piano, Intermediate students learn deeper
acoustical sound and the pedal function.  Pedals of an acoustic piano work differently from
those on electric pianos.

A grand piano is needed for advanced students.  An advance student learn how to use
suspension pedal, the middle pedal of at grand piano.  A vertical piano does not have the
sostenuto functions like grand pianos.

Q.  Does my child have to enter a piano competition?

A.  No.  Entering a piano competition is encouraged but nor required.

Q.  Last piano lesson took 1 hour and 10 minutes.  Do I have to owe you the extra minutes?

A.  No.  Piano lessons can take longer than designated.  No extra charge will be made for the

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