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Brief Direction

1)  Take Odakyu Line.

2)  Get off at Kyodo Station which is about 12 minutes from Odakyu Shinjuku Station by an
express train, or about 17 minutes by a local train.

(If you come from central Tokyo, West bound Chiyoda Line can be taken to access to West
bound Odakyo Line.  Change to Odakyu Line at Yoyogi-Uehara Station.  Express trains won't
stop at Kyodo Station during evening rush hours, only weekdays, West bound.)

(If you come from Shibuya, Take Inokashira Line then change to Odakyu Line, West-bound, at

3)  Get out of Kyodo Station.  There is only one Entrance/Exit in Kyodo Station.

4)  From the north side of Kyodo Station, find Mizuho Bank.

5) Walk about 5 minutes through the following landmarks:  Mizuho Bank, FamilyMart, stop
lights, then a bus stop.

6)  Find a 4 story building complex on east side of the street.  There is a sign "La Bella Vita" in
front of the building.

7)  At the entrance, press "105" then press a larger button.  I will answer only by an

8)  If you get lost, please call my cell phone at 090-8636-2250.

9)  Please use public transportation.  There is not any public parking lot around the building.


1-38-7-105 Akatsutsumi
Setagaya, Tokyo
156-0044  JAPAN


Phone / Fax:  03-5809-1305
(or 011-81-3-5809-1305 from the US)

Cell Phone:   090-8636-2250
(or 011-81-90-8636-2250 from the US)

E-mail: (English) (Japanese)


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